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flavors of the heart

American Heart Association: Flavors of the Heart

We recently had the pleasure of working with Annarella Jordan, Manager of Health Equity programs for the American Heart Association, on this year's Flavors of the Heart event. Flavors of the Heart (FOTH) is a celebration of heart-healthy multicultural cuisine.
Ghost USB Honeypot Protects your USB drives from Malware

Ghost USB Honeypot Protects your USB drives from Malware

With the development and success of USB flash drives came a whole new wave of malware infections. Ghost USB was created to prevent the spread of malware on USB storage devices. To detect malware on your computer, it emulates a flash drive on Windows and observes the emulated device.
USB photography package

Gain Exposure from Your Photography Packaging

To help you get exposure for your work, we've put together a short list of websites and blogs you can submit your packaging to. These 4 sites will help you showcase your packaging to a much wider audience, and hopefully it will impress your future clients, business partners, and employers as well.