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Come visit us at ExhibitorLive!

We will be at ExhibitorLive next week Monday through Wednesday showcasing some of our coolest custom shaped USB drives and some new products. Don't forget to bring us your preview pack card to exchange for a new 32GB nano flash drive!

Use Twitter to help us and Flash Drives For Freedom fight North Korea

It has been a year since we partnered with Flash Drives for Freedom and we have collected thousands of drives, but we still need more. So this year for SXSW we are taking to social and asking you guys to help us! Help us fight North Korea by Tweeting @usbmemorydirect with the hashtag #FlashDrivesForFreedom and we will donate a drive on your behalf.

Fighting Kim Jong-un with Flash Drives

In a society whose government censors every aspect of their daily lives, North Koreans rely solely on outsiders who take huge risks to provide them with films, books, and digital tools for discovery. Here's what we did to help.

Vault Boy Fallout USB Flash Drives

Once a week our creative team gets together and has a little fun. A couple of the guys mentioned they were really excited for the new Fallout 4 coming out, so we stayed up late last week messing around with molds and made these Vault Boy USB drives.