Welcome to our USB project portfolio!

There's nothing we love more than when our customers share photographs of their custom made USB drives and creative packaging. We are incredibly lucky to work with such imaginative and creative clients who always find a unique way to make their flash drives stand out and look amazing. Because of them, we were able to create this portfolio to showcase all of their amazing design, packaging, and branding ideas. So go ahead, look around, and get inspired!

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Cryptex USB Drive

Custom made, locking Cryptex USB drives. View Project
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James Stokes Photography

Bamboo flash drives personalized for James Stokes View Project
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Natalie Franke Photography

Laser Engraved Wooden Flash Drives View Project
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Jewels Photography

Custom Multicolored USBs and Packaging View Project
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Al Gawlik Photography

Custom Engraved Wooden USBs and Packaging View Project
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ICEE Cup Project

Custom shaped ICEE cups for Gremillion & Pou Marketing View Project
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Rachel Nething Photography

Rachel Nething Photography Flash Drives and Packaging View Project
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Modkit Kickstarter Project

Custom shaped robot drives for Modkit View Project
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The Super Van

Brilliant artwork by the Super Van. View Project
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Amanda McNeal Photography

Amanda McNeal Photography's USB Drives View Project
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UPSO - Graphic Artist

Custom Designer Flash Drives by UPSO View Project
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Zach Wheeler Photography

Zach Wheeler Photography Flash Drives and Packaging View Project
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Mike DeSocio Photography

Yellow Flash Drives for Mike DeSocio Photography View Project
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Sonya Ruth Photography

Sonya Ruth Photography's Wooden USB Drives View Project
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Megan Vaughan Photography

Megan Vaughan Photography Flash Drives View Project
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