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We are composed of a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of interests and talents. We try to present topics that are not only interesting, but highly relevant to our customers.
College Admissions

Building Connections Using Online & Blended Education

With burgeoning momentum on both the student and institutional sides of distance learning, it has become increasingly important for students and administrators alike to deal with the new challenges that the online and blended education models introduce to the college experience.
USB Contest Winners

Design Contest Recap and Winners!

We launched this contest with the idea of reaching out to the art community. We really wanted to give a little back to the hard working artists that enliven the business world with unique visual content every day. We're absolutely thrilled to share the results of the contest with you.

Unique Custom Flash Drive Giveaway for Your Valued Customers

With over $15.6 billion generated annually, promotional products have quickly become one of the top industries in the marketing world. According to a new infographic released by USB Memory Direct, promotional products are the most effective way to engage with an audience, even outperforming traditional television advertising.
usb card style art contest

Our First USB Art & Design Contest!

Graphic design is a fresh, extraordinary field that demands the utmost creativity and determination. Better graphics editing programs and innovative design techniques are changing the way we share valuable content every day. So we thought it was high time that we celebrated the beautiful and artistic world of Graphic Design! But to do that, we need your help.