Shop unique shapes and classic styles, whether you want just one or a bundle.

We offer a large collection of some of the most unique flash drives available. Whether you want the poop emoji flash drive to smile at you on your desk at work or a sleek Type-C drive to gift your clients, we have a drive that will suit your budget and brand.

  • Pepe1 Thumbnail Reflection
    For our Meme enthusiasts or anyone who can relate to Pepe, we introduce our one-of-a-kind Pepe The Frog flash drive. Only available at USB Memory Direct.
    From: $4.99
  • Troll Face Usb Drive Opened Thumbnail
    The grin of a meme once passed. Forever the trolls, we are only just now selling this.
    From: $5.99
  • Poop Emoji Usb Flash Drive Thumbnail
    Loading and dumping your data just got a whole lot smoother with the help of the poop emoji flash drive!
    From: $8.49
  • Crying Laughing Emoji Usb Flash Drive 1 Thumbnail
    With the crying laughing face emoji USB you'll always have a reminder that life's better when you're laughing to the point of tears.
    From: $8.49
  • Deployer Flash Drives Standing Opened Thumbnail
    Open Source Deployer shaped flash drives, help contribute to open source by getting one for yourself.
    From: $9.99
  • Executive Bundle Thumbnail 1
    Check out our first bundle package! The Executive Bundle is the first of its kind. Get 20, 25 or 50 Card Flip USB Drives in 2GB or 8GB capacities.
    From: $109.99
  • Swm Thumbnail
    Buy a single or multiple unprinted SWM style USB Flash Drives.
    From: $1.99
  • Unprinted Swm Bundle Thumbnail
    We created bundles of our top sellers! Available in packs of 5, 10, or 20, you can now get our SWM flash drives at a discounted price.
    From: $8.99
  • Unprinted Dual Swm Bundle Thumbnail
    Our Dual SWM flash drives are now available in packs of 5, 10, or 20 at a discounted price! These drives feature both USB-A and USB-C adapters in one compact unit.
    From: $21.99
  • Unprinted De Bundle Thumbnail
    Need unprinted flash drives? Available in packs of 5, 10, or 20, you can now get our DE flash drives at a discounted price.
    From: $8.99
  • Heart Eyes Emoji Flash Drive Thumbnail
    If you *heart eyes* this emoji as much as we do, you are sure to love it as a USB drive.
    From: $8.49
  • De Thumbnail
    Buy a single, or multiple unprinted DE style USB Flash Drives.
    From: $1.99
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