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Join us as we discuss all the cool things we learn, and have learned, about growing a small business. Mostly marketing, technology, business development, and the occasional cool USB Flash Drive.


Here’s Why You Never Plug-in a USB Right the First Time

Ever wonder why you can't plug-in your USB drive right the first time? A recent NPR interview with the head creator of the IBM team responsible for the existence of the USB standard, revealed the real reason behind this issue that has troubled USB users worldwide. While the USB design is almost 20 years old, the latest USB version, USB-C, has eliminated this issue and set a new standard for the future USB models to come. Learn all about it in this article!

Introduction to bootable usb drives

Introduction to Bootable Flash Drives

Bootable drives are an often overlooked use for USB drives. Part one of our bootable series will look into the uses and the history of bootable drives, including a brief explanation on the underlying technology, history of Linux LiveCDs, OS install disks and repair toolkits.

Custom Shaped Flash Drives Process

Exploring Custom Shaped Flash Drives: A Look Inside the Process

Have you ever wondered how custom shaped flash drives are created? Of course, we would love to say that all you have to do is send us a design and we use our magical flash drive powers to make it appear, but that only happens in fairy tales. In reality, there is actually a lot of important steps that take place before your custom shaped flash drives arrive at your door. That's why we are sharing a detailed look into the creation of custom shaped flash drives.

Open Source @ USB Memory Direct

10 Years of Open Source at USB Memory Direct

Today marks our ten year anniversary of using Open Source software. We have learned so many things about Open Source throughout the years, most significant of all is how important it has been to the success of our business. Without our accidental discovery of Ubuntu a decade ago and our brazen disregard for industry IT norms we might not be the company we are now.