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Hey, I'm Ubie (You-Bee) the mascot of USB Memory Direct and by far the biggest fan of USB drives out of all of us here. If you want to know more about USB drives, some of the cool marketing stuff we do, or technology advancements we are working on keep an eye out for posts under this account!
8 Cool Things to Put on a USB Drive

8 Cool Things to Put on a USB Drive

Did you know that you can put games onto a USB Flash Drive? How about a cryptocurrency wallet or a 3D render presentation of a next generation medical device?
How To Use USBs For Marketing

How to Use USB Drives for Marketing

Everyone always thinks there is only one way to market with USB drives, you just give them out and wait for your customers to call when they use them. But, there is so much more you can do, so many more creative ideas. We'll go over a few with you here.