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Interests: Pineapples, baking food, eating food, looking at pictures of food, college football (go gators!), puppies, mystery novels, k-dramas, Asian and Japanese culture, chai tea lattes, meal prepping, scary movies and buying things I don't need on the internet.
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Hey! I'm the Partnership Coordinator for UMD, and I love all things marketing-related. I enjoy learning all the possible ways to work with other brands and create unique partnerships. Ever since I started my marketing career, I've been fascinated by learning how much you can do in this industry. Three things you should know about me: I'm obsessed with pineapples. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I will most likely be eating a pineapple. I have an unhealthy love for food. I do not just like eating, but cooking and baking as well. I make a serious banana nut bread. I really enjoy all types of food from different cultures. From onigiri to jambalaya, everything is delicious to me! If I had to recommend something to try, it would have to be some butter chicken from your local Indian restaurant. Lastly, I make a relentless amount of Rick and Morty references on a daily basis. My favorite episode has to be the Pickle Rick episode. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these blogs, and if there's anything you want to read about, just send us a message! Thanks for stopping by!
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