USB Flash Drive Data Services

To make sure clients needs are met completely we offer a wide range of USB flash drive data services, many of which are complimentary. Whether you simply need a few files preloaded onto your drives or full internal serialization across your order our experienced data technicians have your back. Leaving the technical nitty gritty up to us saves time and resources by ensuring your drives arrive ready for distribution.

Data Preloads

If your project includes distributing your USB drives with specific content, our technicians can arrange for your drives to be delivered preloaded. Even if you have very specific instructions for your USB data contents, our team will ensure we follow them flawlessly.
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Sensitive Data Processing

We understand files sent for uploading may sometimes contain confidential information. We take the privacy and security of your data seriously, and have special procedures in place to be implemented when handling sensitive materials.
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USB Drive Data Duplication

If you already own a large quantity of drives (purchased from us or otherwise!), we can assist you in duplicating the data across all of your drives. Let us use our industrial resources to handle this tedious task for you.
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Permanent Uploads

Many times clients want to ensure that the data on their USB drives will not be subject to accidental manipulation or deletion. To prevent this, our technicians can lock selected files on your drives.
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Unique Drive Icon

This service allows you to replace the default icon for your USB flash drive with a custom icon consistent with your brand or project to further personalize the user experience.
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Custom Volume Label

Adding a custom name or 'volume label' to your flash drives, or even it's individual partitions, is a great way to add a personal touch while also increasing the usability of the drive.
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Hardware ID Serialization

Our technicians are able to serialize the hardware ID of each of your USB flash drives in the event that you need to keep track of an individual or a series of drives. While this is one of our more niche services, it has proven extremely useful in specific situations.
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Hidden Files

We understand certain projects require particular data sets to be uploaded to your USB drives that you may not want to be visible to your end user. In these cases we offer a great service to hide selected files on your drives.
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