About Unique Drive Icons

The drive's icon is the small image that displays next to the name of your USB drive when inserted into the user's device. Creating a custom icon related to your brand or project makes your drives more recognizable and user friendly as well as just being a cool personal touch.

The process

Simple and straightforward. Send us some artwork and we make your drives pop.

1. Provide the logo or image you’d like to use. (A vector or high-resolution image file is strongly preferred!) 2. Our designers use a special software to transform your image into a tiny icon file. 3. Custom icons are updated across all of your drives once they finish production.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of image file do you need?

We can accept any file, but in reality a vector file is almost a requirement. A vector image will ensure that the quality of the icon will be the best it can whereas a regular jpeg or png can produce poor quality results.

Will they work on all computers?

Unfortunately, they won't. Currently this service will only work on Windows based computers. On a Mac or Linux computer the drives icon will appear with the default icon.

We are currently working on adding support for Mac computers.

Caveats and Restrictions

Non-Permanence of icons since the drive icons are created by uploading specific files to the drives they can easily be erased by an end user.

Details about

Unique Drive Icon

Pricing structure

Unique Drive Icons are simple and the pricing reflects that. All that's involved is a setup fee for each drive icon you want.

One Time Setup: $25

Production Time

Since Unique Drive Icons are simple to implement they do not add any additional time to production!

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