About Hidden Files

If specific files need to be loaded onto your USB drives (possibly for certain programs to function) but you would rather not have them be viewable to users we offer a service to hide one or several of the files on your drives. This is achieved by adding a special attribute to each of the files you would like to conceal.

Why hide files?

Sometimes you need some extra files on your drives that just don't matter to your customers and they just get in the way, so hiding them is a great way to help them stay focused on what's most important.

Web Based HTML Catalogs
Using a website to display content directly from a flash drive is a fantastic way to present product information or data. This causes a small problem webpages are composed of thousands of files and your customers only need to click one file. Hiding those other files will help limit confusion and abandonment of your present.

Software Demos
We all know software can cause a huge mess on our computers, and the same is true for USB flash drives. While it's a great idea to hand out demos of your software at a conference, all the little knick knack files that go along with that software might confuse your customer. By hiding them it's easier for them to double click that one icon they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hidden files work on all systems?

Yes and no. If you submit a project that relies on the current filenames of files in your data and we need to make them hidden it is possible we will need to change the names of your files. Mac OSX and Linux systems hide files differently than Windows Systems. Mac and Linux do so by adding a "." to the beginning of your file.

This can cause some problems with your project and we can work with your team to fix these issues to ensure your data works as intended.

Details about

Hidden Files

Pricing structure

Hidden Files are provided free of charge on any order that has data preloading

Fee: $0.00 (Complimentary)

Production Time

Typically this will not affect production time, except in the event we need to coordinate with you to alter file names.

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