About Sensitive Data Uploads

We understand that clients may sometimes have concerns regarding the security and privacy of their preloaded data. With over 15 years of industry experience, we've been entrusted with government documents, unreleased media, and proprietary software. We provide a multitude of security measures to ensure clients trusting us with sensitive information are able to rest assured that their files are being handled securely and discreetly.

The process

The process for sensitive data uploads works similar to other upload methods, with a few notable security enhancements.

1. Securely deliver your data to us via encrypted file stores or private cloud file shares (More below).
2. We review and sign necessary NDAs and confidentiality agreements.
3. We provide a price quote to you for your project.
4. Drives are shipped to our office and uploaded.
5. Drives are shipped to your end destination.

How to submit your data to us.

When submitting confidential or sensitive data to us we recommend using something that offers a higher degree of privacy for instance a private Dropbox account. And we always recommend that files be encrypted or stored in a password protected zip/archive.

For extraordinarily confidential information we can use public/private key cryptography to share an encryption key. This is a complicated process for those who don't know much about encryption and is very rarely necessary. We can provide technical assistance and guidance to those wondering if this is necessary.

Cloud Storage Services.
You can use an online service like Dropbox, Hightail or WeTransfer to send your files. It is highly recommended that you archive your files and set a password or encrypt them and provide us with the decryption key separately.

USB Memory Directs FTP Service.
You can upload your files directly to our FTP server (up to 2 terabytes). Exact guidelines for that process can be found here.

How we keep data safe.

Limited Staff Access
Sensitive data will only be handled by and accessible to a single vetted employee. It is also important to note that none of your sensitive files will ever be opened or viewed during the upload process. Confirmation of uploads are done by upload equipment and does not require staff to test files.

Data Storage and Destruction
Once your upload is completed all your data is securely erased from devices that would have previously contained it. It is our policy to not retain sensitive uploads.

Air gapped systems
When uploading any information to flash drives in our local offices all duplicator equipment is never attached to our network and can only be accessed by physically interacting with the systems. This ensures once we have your data it can never leave our office unwittingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you willing to sign an NDA or Confidentiality Agreement?

Yes. The process will first require review from our legal counsel.

Details about

Sensitive Data Uploads

Pricing structure

Because each customer has different requirements for confidential data we must provide pricing on a case by case basis. However, to get a rough estimate of the pricing you can visit our USB Data Duplication page.

Production Time

Sensitive data uploads extend production time considerably since we will have to ship the drives to our local office first. The exact timeline will depend on the number of drives and the size of the data.

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