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We wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated and made this promotion a huge success! We received over 500 total mentions, blog posts, and social engagements. We have begun the task of collecting all the individuals who entered and will begin the selection process for those who mentioned us on their social profiles. We will be ready to send all the drives out by Tuesday of next week, so hang tight their on the way!

For those who didn't have a chance to enter this promotion we have already finalized the details for our next promotion which will start shortly, possible NEXT WEEK! If you would like to be notified immediately for any of our new promotions sign up to our email list below!.

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75 Creative Back-to-School Tips for Super Moms

As a family-oriented company, and we know how hectic being a mom can be any day of the year. We wanted to provide a back-to-school giveaway for all of the fantastic moms out there, to give them something unique and useful. We also believe in children experiencing enriching and healthy childhoods.

So, we decided to give moms something that would hopefully make their lives a little bit easier, but also help their children succeed in school, participate in rich and creative activities, and enjoy nutritious snacks.

How to Enter

If you've got a blog or website, just mention our promotion and we will send you one of our Back to School 2012 Flash drives! It's that simple! Just make sure to link to our website and let us know when you've finished:

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We will also be raffling off an extra 100 drives to our fans on Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Just mention our giveaway with a link to our page and you will automatically be entered to win! Earn extra chances by sharing on all three social networks! Click below to enter:

*Free flash drives will be shipped within the continental United States only. If you are outside the continental US you may still receive a flash drive if you pay for shipping. All website entries are subject to review. No prize will be awarded for mentions on offensive or incomplete websites.
Free 2GB Flash Drive

In todays classroom, flash drives are as commonplace as pencils and chalk boards. These flash drives will come in handy for saving work and submitting reports.

25 Snack / Lunch Box Ideas

Fun ideas for snacks and lunches that your kids will love. These healthy and tasty snacks will be the talk of the lunchroom and the best part is: they are as fun to make as to eat.

25 Homework Helper Tips

We have some creative ways to help your kids succeed in school. These homework tips will help parents and students do homework better and smarter.

25 Fun After School Activities

We collected 25 of our favorite after school activities to keep the kids entertained after school or on weekends. There are great games for kids to play alone or with their parents!