Concerned About Computer Security? This is a Job For Jumpshot Custom USB Drives!

USB Memory Direct is always on the lookout for talented, rising entrepreneurs. During our search, we recently discovered a very cool Kickstarter project titled "Jumpshot", which is an automated program designed to fight PC troubles through a user-friendly interface. Within two days of being launched on Kickstarter, Jumpshot reached its $25,000 goal and now has well over 2,000 backers!

Jumpshot founders, David Endler and Pedram Amini, are both computer science graduates from Tulane University. They've worked in the computer security industry for years and have since become just plain tired of being PC consultants not only for top companies like Hewlett-Packard, but for their own families and friends as well. It's not that they didn't like helping, it's just that they knew there had to be a better, easier answer. And when they couldn't find one on the market, they decided to quit their day jobs to develop their own solution: Jumpshot.

This software is able to remove viruses, adware, spyware, and other "grime" off of your PC that generic antivirus programs might not be able to find, as well as prepackaged, trial software from the manufacturer. In addition, Jumpshot can examine hardware performance, optimize browser settings, measure internet bandwidth and speed up PC boot times. All of these features run subtly in the background while you enjoy secure web surfing without slowing down your PC.

That's something we always enjoy to see. There should always be a strong focus on simplifying user experience as much as possible. It would seem Jumpshot agreed as they used a very clever "grandma test" to benchmark their program's usability. And not to worry! No grandmothers were harmed during the making of Jumpshot.

Here's how it works

You or a friend has a troubled PC. Next you'll launch the Jumpshot app and wait a few seconds while your PC is "sedated". Just let Jumpshot work in the background while you surf Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, and finally Jumpshot will talk you through what was removed. Reboot your computer, and that's it! Pretty simple huh? What they mean by "sedated" is that just how a surgeon sedates their patients before a procedure, Jumpshot tranquilizes your system allowing its software to do its work without any interference from malware or viruses.

Jumpstart Your PC's Performance with Jumpshot: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Solution

What makes it unique?

What's cool and different about Jumpshot is how they created fun, iconic characters to represent various tasks involved in PC maintenance, repair and cleanup. The main "captain" and icon of the Jumpshot brand is Officer Pete, who has a responsibility and passion for fighting "Grime". A funny pun on "crime", Grime simply represents the unwanted viruses, spyware, adware and prepackaged software on your computer. The other charming characters are known as Officer Pete's "minions", which work behind the scenes on their different specialties. Once they finish their various tasks they'll report back to the user in a conversational manner, making it incredibly easy to understand results and fun at the same time.

Jumpshot currently has 10 minions:

  • Kobayashi - Targets viruses, Trojans, scamware, and spyware.
  • Sir Jeffrey - Analyzes your hardware performance and detects failing parts.
  • Dale Jumpshot Jr. - Speeds up boot time and making Windows load and respond faster.
  • Nikita - Optimizes your browser settings for speed and security.
  • Holmes - Protects your identity and keeps your habits private from snooping.
  • Mario - Measures your internet bandwidth and detects unsecured Wi-Fi.
  • Dr. Liza - Analyzes your drive contents showing you what's filling up space.
  • Torque - Tweak your Windows operating system for speed and security.
  • Zilch - Reclaims precious hard drive space by taking out the trash.
  • Maximus - Keeps you informed of critical events related to your PC.

I'm getting a PC doctor "all-in-one" vibe from the project that trickles down into a number of sub-components with the ever increasing possibility of expansion. The character designs are a great way to appeal to the average "grandma" user who just wants things done in the easiest way possible with a fun, childlike interface.

USB Drive Models

Endler and Amini released prototypes of Custom Shaped USB Drives that look exactly like Officer Pete, Kobayashi, and Sir Jeffrey to go along with their software.

Meet Officer Pete, Kobayashi, and Sir Jeffrey: The Unique USB Drive Models for Jumpshot

This is perhaps the most unique aspect of the project, allowing you to carry Jumpshot with you wherever you go. They've uniquely designed custom flash drives that pop out a spring loaded USB connecter when you squeeze their belly. The movement is fun and simple, almost ergonomic.

The flash drives come in 8GB and 32GB capacities preloaded with the same fully automatic version of Jumpshot which in total, takes up less than 200MB. At the same time, the iconic characters make it a great way to promote the Jumpshot brand while giving the users a charming tool for their PC protection arsenal. This is a perfect example of how you can use custom USB drives for promotional purposes while at the same time providing a service to the customer. The USB drives will work on both PC and Mac, but the Jumpshot software itself currently only runs on Windows. Regardless of which character you choose, the software will have access to the full array of Jumpshot benefits and tools.

The Jumpshot USB Drives will be ready to ship out this November, and Kickstarter backers will get exclusive first access to the product. It's on a first come, first serve basis, so act quickly if you'd still like to get your hands on one this fall.

Custom Shaped Drives

Traditional USB Flash Drives come with a rectangular shape and only allow you to imprint a company logo or brand name on them. With custom shaped flash drives, your USB drives are created from scratch with their own original mold. You're in charge of the look, feel and style of your drives and you'll work with the creative team at USB Memory Direct to bring your vision to life.

You pick the dimensions, colors, size, shape and how to access the USB connector. As a result, you're creating something completely unique to your business. No one else will have your particular design and you can even patent it! As with the Jumpshot project, you can also preload your custom shaped drives with programs, files, documents, media or other digital materials you'd like to share with your customers.

Due to collaboration between the creative team and your own designers, custom shaped flash drives will take a bit longer to create. Once we have a final virtual proof with your approval, production will usually take about two to three weeks.

If you're considering having us design custom shaped promotional flash drives for you, here are some tips to keep in mind before you go to the drawing board in order to optimize your brand for the best response from your target audience.

First off, the placement of your USB connector is crucial. Nothing messes up the cool shape of personalized usb drives faster than a poorly placed connector. If you're using part of the shape as the cap and the other part as the body, it should be split apart at a natural breaking point that maintains the integrity and style of the design. Keep in mind that where you place the connector will ultimately determine how it looks while its plugged into a USB port.

Next, try and find the easiest form of movement and function for the drives. A simple removable cap covering the connector is not your only option. Custom usb drives can swivel, slide and retract. How a user will access it makes an impression almost equal to the overall look.

Finally, be mindful of the materials you use, and adapt your design to the materials. If you want to create a complicated and colorful custom shaped drives, regular PVC rubber will provide you with the most flexible possibilities. When you get into using woods or metals for production, our manufacturers use lasers and cutting tools to create your design. Each USB Drive material conveys a different impression of the same brand. Make sure you also take advantage of the color and texture. Have colors correspond to those associated with your brand for easier identification by your target audience.

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Where's the fund money going?

Kickstarter funds are going directly towards manufacturing the usb drives, improving the Jumpshot program, and making future system updates. Backers will also be able to voice their various opinions, provide feedback on the software, and have direct contact with founders Endler and Amini. The rest of the money will be spent on marketing the product through word of mouth and advertisements.

Here are some future plans Jumpshot could have in the works:

  • "Rate My Setup"
  • Software Updates
  • Network Insights
  • Social Network Protection

Kickstarter backers will get the custom USB drives at a 15% discount from regular price. On the downside, some of the more advanced features will require a one time or reoccurring subscription service charge. But it ends up being a whole lot less than some of the other antivirus programs out there.

Final Thoughts

Providing a portable, easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for PC software issues, Jumpshot promises to be a hit with the average and below average PC user. I really like the idea of giving these as gifts to those pestering relatives who always come to you with their computer troubles. It's fast, easy, cheap, and not to mention cute! We hope this project goes all the way and wish the founders our best!

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