How To Choose the Best Promotional USB for Your Business

How To Choose the Best Promotional USB for Your Business

From customer giveaway items to employee incentives, custom-printed USB flash drives have been a popular option for businesses that want to increase their reach. USBs come in various shapes, sizes, storage capacities, and styles from a diverse range of suppliers. Selecting the correct custom promotional USB flash drive for your applications is, therefore, crucial.

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Photo of a few of our most popular customizable flash drives including the Card-Twist, Ubie Ninja, Tower, and Clover.

What Are Promotional Flash Drives, and Why Are They Great for Marketing?

Branded USBs provide effective marketing strategies for any company with data transfer and storage requirements. Promotional power banks and USBs alike serve as tangible representations of your business, but they also transfer critical files and documents while keeping your portable devices charged. Customizing these essential office tools with a company logo and tagline can further cement your presence in the mind of potential customers while giving them a convenient power and storage solution.

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Custom USBs can provide your business with an advantage in several ways. For starters, flash drives are compact and practical. When you brand them with your logo, you'll put your company's message into the hands of prospective customers within your wider professional network. What's more, you can achieve this more affordably than other traditional marketing methods.

Promotional USB flash drives serve a practical function as well. They let you store critical documents and bring them with you when you're on the go. You can also use a promotional flash drive to relay your important documents to someone else. The devices eliminate the need to send large files via mail or email, which can be expensive or pose security risks. A professional-looking, custom flash drive, however, can be the perfect way to place important data into the hands of your clients quickly and efficiently.

How To Choose the Right Promotional Flash Drive for Your Business

When selecting a custom-branded flash drive for your company, consider the following three key factors: compatibility, storage capacity, and design. Ensure that the USB is compatible with the devices used by your employees and external partners. Choose a flash drive with sufficient storage capacity, and select a standout design and color that your associates will remember.

Flash Drives That Make an Impression: What to Consider for Your Business
Photo of a Custom Shaped USB Flash Drive we created for Dog Rescue 911.

Cost is also a vital consideration. Promotional USB flash drives can vary in price based on size and storage capacity, but you can save big when you buy in bulk from USB Memory Direct.

Consider the intended use of the USB. If it's simply to promote your brand, then an entry-level USB with your company logo and tagline should suffice. For applications requiring heavy file storage and transport tasks, choose a USB with adequate storage capacity and performance. All promotional power banks and USBs from USB Memory Direct come with a lifetime warranty, so you know that your data solution is built to last.

Benefits for Your Business

Branded USBs are a fantastic solution for any organization with its sights on increasing awareness and rewarding its valued customers. You can customize the drives with company logos, colors and taglines, using these features to generate attention at trade shows, conventions and other events. You can even get your flash drives in custom shapes that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Flash drives also make memorable gifts for both new customers and your existing internal and external partners.

Stand Out in Style: How Branded USBs Elevate Your Business
Photo courtesy of David Bostock Photography of our real wooden Tower Custom Flash Drives in our Square Wooden Box packaging option.

Some advantages of promotional storage drives include the following:

  • Lasting advertising exposure
  • Reduced time spent on data transfers
  • Finding new clients in your existing network
  • A creative, inexpensive approach to heightening brand presence

How To Use a Promotional Flash Drive to Market Your Business

To effectively increase brand presence, you'll need a reliable strategy for distributing your custom-printed drives. Here are just a few tips on using the devices in your marketing strategy:

  • Display them at your sales meetings and company events
  • Strategically place them around your offices in reception or other high-traffic areas
  • Offer them as free gifts

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No matter your marketing vision, we can bring it to life. At USB Memory Direct, we offer double-sided printing, a wide variety of customization options, and some of the best prices that you'll rarely find anywhere. Save money when you buy in bulk!

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