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April 10th, 2020

Albert Palmer Photography

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We recently had the opportunity to partner up with Albert Palmer, a wedding photographer based in Bristol who's previous work caught our eye. Albert's work captures much of the energy and essence of the weddings he attends so it only made sense that he delivered his projects to his clients with similar energy. It's obvious that there's a lot of care and attention put into Albert's photos but he realized that some of that affection and sentiment was being lost when he delivered his finished projects to clients on DVDs. At one point he noted, "Boy am I glad that's changed". At UMD we totally understand this desire to stay impressionable and memorable to your clients so we knew we were confident we could elevate Mr. Palmer's projects with a custom touch.

Like most professional creatives, Albert had an existing brand and image so it was important that anything we created for him fit well into that existing structure.

I was looking for a drive that best fitted in with [my] existing packaging

- Albert Palmer

Well after browsing our catalog of flash drives for photographers, Mr. Palmer's took interest in one of our more popular wooden USB flash drives, The tower.

We felt this drive strayed from conventional flash drives in a welcome way but was still classy and austere, maintaining the professional effect Albert was hoping for.

One point Albert made was that these flash drives should serve as a reliable backup copy of his project so that couples can easily view or distribute their photos. With that in mind we hooked Albert up with 8gb SLC drives making them pretty sizable and very reliable, long term.

As you can see, the printing on the drives came out super sharp and clean and they look even better in person. We had a few different drafts texting out other colors but ultimately we found that this design with just a subtle touch of a hot color matched Albert's professional aesthetic best.

We were excited to work with a passionate photographer who would be able to make good use out of the service we offer.

To the happy couples that will soon purchase these from Albert Palmer Photography, congratulations!

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