Christy Tyler Photography Flash Drives
November 30th, 2018

Christy Tyler Custom Flash Drives

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As professional wedding photographers for over ten years, Christy & her husband James Tyler have used a variety of data saving devices throughout their careers. Once technology started going digital, the couple knew they would need to use an up-to-date product to deliver their client's photos on. At the time they were using CDs which were extremely time-consuming. Not only would it take some time to print labels on the CDs, but it would take even longer for the photos to burn on the discs. This made copying one client's wedding images take hours to finish depending on the data capacity size. The couple was tired of this incredibly long process, especially as their client list started to grow. It wasn't until they received their first batch of branded flash drives that they knew they had finally found the deliverable that they had been searching for all along.

Much like many photographers in this day and age, the Tylers offer digital galleries and even online personalized websites for their clients. While this makes transferring photos between the photographer and the client much easier, it isn't always the best method for guaranteeing that their photos will stay safe for years to come. While clients can store their pictures from a digital gallery on their computer, if the computer were to die, all their photos would be lost. That's why Christy includes a custom flash drive in her deliverable packages. It comforts her to know that with a USB drive her clients' photos will stay safe. As long as they keep their flash drive handy, their photos will always be just one plug away.

Christy loves using her creativity to put together a beautiful photo package for her clients. This is her way of saying "thank you" as well as leaving a lasting impression. Her photo packages consist of a beautiful glass box filled with printed images of the client's wedding, a thank you card, special note, and of course a printed SWM flash drive. For her drives, she chose a white rubber to compliment her baby pink logo color and match her brand. Her cursive business logo looks so elegant on these flash drives that she had to tie one of her favorite things to the end of the drive - a white silk ribbon.

Not only is Christy happy with her new wholesale flash drives, but she is also impressed with how simple it was to order them. She stated that "the process from start to finish working with USB Memory Direct was so incredibly easy. I discussed what look I was going for with them, sent over my logo, and they sent me over samples to choose from right away. We got them ordered, and they looked even better in person."

Now that Christy and James have their own USB drives, they finally have the missing piece to their photography packaging. They are so thrilled to have a deliverable that will remind their clients who took their gorgeous wedding photos years down the road. Check out Christy Tyler's website and follow her Instagram to see her breathtaking photos.

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