Custom Navigator Flash Drive Project
December 14th, 2018

Sweet Paper Media

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Sweet Paper Media owner Pol Sena describes his photography work as candid, authentic, and storytelling. With so many realistic components, Pol knew he needed a tangible product to deliver his client's memorable photos on. After a lot of consideration, Pol decided on custom USB flash drives over other physical deliverables like DVDs which are becoming obsolete. He was left with one important decision - where to get the flash drives he dreamed of?

That's where we came in. When Pol presented us with his business's unique and creative logo, we had a few ideas lined up. He knew he wanted natural flash drives to match his raw photography style. Once he looked at our flash drive selection, his eyes were drawn to the navigator. This flash drive style is hard not to love between its beautiful wooden texture and smooth curved edges. Pol could instantly imagine how great his logo would look engraved on a bunch of these drives. While the navigator comes in six different hues ranging from light to dark, Pol felt that a darker walnut color would suit his company's style and match his logo much better.

Once the wholesale flash drives were delivered, Pol didn't wait long before he paired them with a beautiful circular bamboo box and started handing them out to his photography clients. His choice of having a tangible deliverable may seem odd to some photographers who prefer only using online portfolios, but Pol has a good reason for why he continues using flash drives.

I'd like to have my clients have both storage options as a means of back up, accessibility (especially if there's no internet), and lifetime storage which online galleries don't have.

- Pol

For photographers like Pol, it's essential to have flash drives as an alternate way to ensure clients' photos always stay safe. Photography clients know that there is nothing more heartbreaking than losing all the pictures from your special day or shoot. Thankfully, Pol's clients will always have their photos stored safely on his branded Sweet Paper Media flash drives. To see Sweet Paper Media's beautiful work, go to their website and Instagram.

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