Publix Custom USB Flash Drives
December 21st, 2018

Publix Digital Recipe Book Flash Drives

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Anyone from Florida is familiar with the name Publix. It's only one of the most popular grocery stores in the sunshine state along with stores located in five additional southern states. The company is known for their terrific customer service, clean atmosphere, and excellent food selection. While Publix continues to make a name for itself across the country with its "Where Shopping is a Pleasure" slogan, we figured we would show our appreciation for our all-time favorite grocery store by creating a concept design for them using our custom Tab style flash drive.

Initially, it wasn't so easy choosing the ideal flash drive for Publix. We had to consider many important factors such as size, shape, and overall style. That's when we took a look at our various flash drive styles, and found one that fit the bill - the Tab. So why exactly this style? It's small, easy to place on keychains, and perfect for Publix to hand out to their customers. Plus, their green logo looks fantastic against the matte silver background of the flash drive.

After printing the flash drives, it was time for us to put our idea for Publix's flash drives into action. Most Publix shoppers are familiar with their Aprons recipe line. Even as a shopper you may notice an enticing aroma as you walk through the isles and come across a free sample supplied by one of the Aprons chefs. Publix created Aprons as a way to encourage their customers to step into the kitchen with free recipes available online and in stores. All customers have to do is choose an Aprons recipe card, pick up the ingredients, and cook the meal by following the directions. Their incentive is to bring families back to the dinner table to eat fresh food rather than fast food. Though Publix features the recipes online and in-store, we figured what better way to use a flash drive than by uploading a digital recipe book to it.

We then took a collection of recipes from Aprons "Simple Meals" section and downloaded the digital booklet to the USBs. All the recipes from Aprons "Simple Meals" include a color photo of the completed dish, a detailed shopping list, instructions that go over each step, and other tips. This recipe collection includes thousands of meals ranging from appetizers, beverages, all the way to desserts. The purpose of having this recipe booklet on a flash drive is to save paper and give customers a convenient way to store their favorite recipes. Customers won't have to worry about having internet connection to access their instructions for a recipe. It's also an excellent way for Publix to spread awareness about their Aprons brand and help reach their ultimate goal of getting customers to cook simple home-cooked meals.

The Tab style flash drive offers so many positive benefits for any business including large corporations like Publix. Request a quote today to get custom Tab flash drives for your growing business.

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