Jack Links Bag Custom Shaped Usb Flash Drives
March 23rd, 2018

Jack Link's Beef Jerky USB Flash Drives

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Have flash drives ever made you hungry? No, we aren't talking about edible flash drives. Rather, custom shaped flash drives modeled after one of our all-time favorite snacks. We are talking about THE BEST jerky around, Jack Link's of course! With a little sprinkle of our flash drive magic, we turned Jack Link's Jerky into USB gold.

Our idea for creating our mini Jack Link's drive started with our abnormal obsession with their jerky. At our office, it's normal to find bags of Jack Link's because our employees love it. We also LOL at every one of their marketing campaigns. Back in 2016, Jack Link's caught our attention with their 'Hangry Moments' campaign. With hilarious commercials of pumas, eagles, and even wolves popping out of people's shirts, their message to "Feed Your Wild Side" certainly had people talking. Jack Link's also wanted their fans to take part in the fun by running the "Hangry Hack-A-Thon." This focused on giving fans the opportunity to create their own hangry hacks in the inspiration of their campaign.

That's when we couldn't miss the opportunity to join the Jack Link's movement. Using two of our employees, who we believe should be in the acting business, we filmed our own #HangryHacks video. The main star of our skit was definitely our mini Jack Link's jerky drive. Inspired by the delicious flavor and beastly packaging, we got to work on what we do best which is creating custom USB drives.

We started our process by replicating the Jack Link's Beef Jerky package. We wanted anyone who saw these little custom flash drives to immediately crave a piece of jerky. Since our final flash drives look so similar to the original product, we gave it the drooling guarantee.

Even though Jack Link's Beef Jerky has a variety of different flavors, we stuck to duplicating the original. We wanted to visually get as close as possible to their product. That meant including the net weight amount at the bottom (1.5 OZ) of the USB jerky package. Oh, and how could we forget to mention we added the circular hole at the top of the jerky package. The one that allows it to hang on store display racks. Yeah, we got that specific!

One important part of Jack Link's Jerky that we had to include was the amount of protein in each bag. Under the bold words "BEEF JERKY" lies the 22g of protein in every serving. That bold amount of protein is what usually fuels us on a typical workday. We even verified that our mini USB jerky packages actually appear to have jerky in them. The rubber body of the USB drive has curves in all the right places, making it easy to hold. Also, the top of the flash drives practically tears right off, much like the top of the jerky package would.

Though this USB drive doesn't smell like delicious jerky, we always receive mouthwatering reactions. There is nothing we love more than creating custom 3D drives, especially when it's something we absolutely can't get enough of. We had a blast using this drive in honor of Jack Link's campaign and can ensure their jerky cures all our hangry cravings!

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