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October 29th, 2018

Poop Emoji Flash Drives

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What looks like a coneless chocolate soft serve and has a huge wide smile spread across its face? If you guessed the poop emoji, you're correct! This happy go lucky pile of poop knows how to lighten up the stench in any stinky conversation. As ironic as that statement may be, the truth behind the poop emoji is that it's a worldwide favorite. We have to admit this little turd plopped its way into our hearts since the day it was first formed. That's why we created one of our best-built custom shapes yet, in honor of it!

The poop emoji, also technically known as the smiling poop, has ruled the emoji game since its creation in 1999. Though emojis truly took off around the world in 2011, this picture language has been available in Japan since the mid-2000s. As one of the most widely used languages, the smiling faces called "emojis" pack a lot of meaning behind each of their stand-still expressions. Phone and internet users can't get enough of the "picture" (e) "characters" (mojis) that have changed the way we communicate.

Much like how the design of emojis has evolved over the years, so has the structure of our custom shaped flash drives. The formation process required us to flush many trial runs down the drain, but we are pleased with the final outcome. While the poop emoji took some time to digest, we are proud to say it's one of the most durable and softest custom flash drives we've ever made.

This pooptastic flash drive is designed to hold all your data in the palm of your hand, not at the bottom of the toilet. Whether you want the poop emoji to smile at you on your desk while you work or download a huge load of data, you can rest assured that it has your butt covered. Soft, sturdy, and practically unbreakable, the poop emoji flash drive is ready to drop into your life.

You can find the poop emoji flash drive, along with the heart eyes and crying laughing face emojis available for purchase on our USB Memory Direct web store.

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