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August 17th, 2018

Hoffer Photography 3D Flash Drives

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We love creating flash drives for photographers, especially ones that we've had the pleasure of working with for many years. Two of those special photographers that we've formed a strong connection with is Amy and Tony Hoffer from Hoffer Photography.

We first came in contact with this outstanding duo when we designed custom flash drives for them back in 2013. By combining their classic "h" logo with our SWM drive, they instantly fell in love with using USB drives to deliver their clients' photos. Since then their appreciation for flash drives has continued to grow, and five years later they have a new request for us - to make custom shape flash drives in honor of their new logo.

Hoffer Photography's "h" symbol has gone through some minor changes over the years, but this time Tony and Amy wanted a design that was completely new and fresh. A logo they felt truly speaks for their unique photography style. That's why they put to rest their classic swirly "h" and replaced it with their new geometric styled logo. Now that their latest logo is here to stay for the long haul, the Hoffer's were prepared to start rebranding their merchandise, including their flash drives.

That's where we came in. Once we had their stunning logo in our hands, we were determined to make it into a real-life USB clone. While no DNA samples were required, sketching the design was necessary to make sure every edge and corner of the drive was accurate. When it was time to merge our ultra-soft rubber material with Hoffer's signature lime green color, their custom USB "h" came to life. The Hoffer's were truly awestruck by the final product. And so were their clients!

Tony Hoffer said:

"We love the reaction we get when people see our custom drives. Since it's on brand (it's our logo), it represents us perfectly and is creative ... like us! We love the look and we're so proud to share them with our clients."

The Hoffers also admire the security flash drives provide for keeping their clients' photos safe. Tony Hoffer added that "even if our clients' devices change or they don't understand how to backup their files, they'll always have them on their USB." One thing we know for sure is that a day as important as a wedding deserves a well-built flash drive to hold all the mesmerizing photos for a lifetime.

As the years have passed, we've seen Hoffer Photography's dynamic logo evolve right onto our flash drives. We are extremely proud to continue creating wholesale flash drives for such a talented duo, and can't wait to help them with their next USB drive request. Check out their website and be sure to follow their Instagram for a ton of cool pictures and updates.

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