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August 11th, 2020

Elizabeth Henson's Messy Success USB Drives

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Elizabeth Henson is as successful a modern entrepreneur as any. Starting her journey through her photography business, Elizabeth Henson Photos, and eventually branching out into mentorship programs and the Messy Success podcast. She is passionate about capturing the beauty of her photography clients and loves to help them discover newfound confidences in themselves. Similarly, her mentorship programs and the Messy Success podcast aim to assist other creatives in growing into their aspirations and educating them on the various aspects of entrepreneurship.

Like any great entrepreneur Elizabeth is always looking for new ways to market her businesses and expand her branding. That's where USB Memory Direct comes in! When we met Elizabeth she was searching for custom flash drives for photographers that would be well suited as a promotional handout for both her Messy Success podcast as well as her photography workshops. To make this happen we wanted to find one custom USB that could tastefully sport each businesses respective logo.

Initially, Elizabeth was drawn to our selection of leather flash drives, specifically, the Butterfly style in classic brown. This seemed to be a suitable option considering its large print area which gives it the ability to sport a wide variety of logos comfortably. However, once the initial physical samples were created for Elizabeth to review we decided to head back to the drawing board as the brown text in her logos blended in a bit too much with the brown leather encasement of the drive.

Enter the Navigator custom flash drive! This natural wood flash drive also exhibits a wide print area, and is available in multiple finishes. Not to mention it's wooden exterior couples perfectly with Elizabeth's leafy logos. As soon as we sent Elizabeth a virtual sample of her logos featured on the Navigator USB it was clear we had the perfect fit for this project.

Elizabeth chose 8gb flash drives to offer recipients enough storage space to be able to use the drives on a regular basis, thus extending the brand impressions she would receive per drive. She also chose to upgrade the drives to our SLC Memory chips. Granting them a longer lifespan, enhanced durability, and a performance boost.

The Navigator is part of our chic wooden flash drives collection. Similar to many of our other wooden styles, the Navigator is available in various wood finishes including; bamboo, maple bamboo, pine, walnut, mahogany, and light fiber board. The drives smooth rounded edges allow it to fit comfortably in your hand. While its magnetic cap makes for a secure fit.

We love assisting customers in finding the perfect wholesale USB flash drives for their project. We understand that you may want to try your logo on multiple drive styles and even different color variations of each style. Our experienced art team can quickly create as many virtual samples as you need to be 100% sure you are making the best decision when purchasing your personalized USB's. If you'd like to see what your company's logo would look like on the Navigator or any of our drive styles feel free to request a quote, or contact us at sales@usbmemorydirect.com.

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