What are fidget toys? What are the best fidget toys?

What are Fidget Toys?

We have all seen a friend or family member play with a satisfying and soothing toy. It was most likely what is known as fidget toys. Odds are you have played with a fidget toy yourself. A fidget toy is normally a small toy you can play with using your hands and provides a relaxing feeling. Fidget comes in various styles, colors, and sizes, giving you a variety of ways to have fun or relax.

Where did fidget toys come from?

Fidget toys continue to become more and more popular through time. However, they were not always used as toys until they became more mainstream. The first mention of what we consider fidget toys today dates back to the Ming Dynasty in a small city called Baoding, hence the name Baoding Balls. These balls are used to relieve stress, provide relaxation, and improve hand dexterity.

Other products you may know of but never thought about being fidget toys are the Rubiks cubes and all their variations. The spinning and turning of each side of the cube to match the colors was something every millennial could not get enough of. It was a challenging and fun way to spend your time when you were bored or needed to take your mind off stressful things.

Another wave of popular fidgets that we all may be familiar with, specifically Gen Z, are the fidget spinners who took over in 2017. No matter where you were, someone was spinning that fidget, whether in an office, a classroom, a store, or even a restaurant.  

Why do people use fidget toys?

Fidget toys are used for a variety of purposes. According to Kendra Cherry, MSEd, and medically reviewed by Daniel Block, MD, fidget toys can help people with ADHD increase focus, improve concentration, and reduce anxiety. However, they are great for anyone to use for various reasons. 

They are a fun product for anyone to use as they are satisfying and help reduce stress. Sometimes you just like feeling the satisfying textures or hearing their unique sounds while you wait for someone or are bored in a waiting room. 

These products are popular for both kids and adults. Fidget toys for adults are particularly helpful in the workplace. Many adults use them before a speech or presentation to calm their nerves. In these cases, I recommend using quiet fidget toys to not disturb people around you. Many adults find that using these toys helps them stay calm and focused. Shop fidget toys at a great price in our shop today!

Our Favorite Fidget Toys

metal fidget spinner toys

Fidget Spinner: One of the most popular toys since they became trendy in 2017. This spinner consists of a central bearing with three sides, normally with a hole on each side. This bearing allows you to spin it, creating a satisfying visual and feel. Some people can spin it on their fingers and even switch hands if they are holding it on without it stopping. Fidget spinners are made of metal and plastic and vary in color and design, some even have lights on them.

Magnetic ball fidget toys

Magnetic Balls: One of the best items for adults is the magnetic balls. These are the magnetic fidget toys that people cannot get enough of. Literally, the more the merrier. These magnetic balls allow you to create any shapes or figures by attaching them to one another. They vary in size and can come in an assortment of colors. We strongly recommend only adults use this desk fidget toy as it can cause harm if swallowed.

Magnetic sphere fidget toy

Magnetic Sphere: Another magnetic fidget toy but different than the previous is the magnetic fidget sphere. This fidget toy comes with twelve pentagon shapes that have a magnet attached to each side. This allows you to create larger shapes and figures. Then you can break them up for a satisfying experience.

Fidget cube toy for stress

Fidget Cube: This cube has a different feature on each side, giving it a variety of textures and activities. From switches to levers to rotating buttons, this cool fidget toy has different features to keep you entertained and relaxed.

Fidget toys are a way to help deal with stress and improve focus. Now used by many people in different settings. These toys, such as spinners, cubes, and magnetic balls, help release your restless energy. Adults, in particular, use them for relaxation and stress relief. Stop biting your nails, constantly shaking your foot, or tapping random things, grab your favorite fidget toy and enjoy!

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