Meet Our Mascot, Ubie!

Meet Our Company Mascot, Ubie!

It might come as a surprise to many that our company logo is more than just a logo. In fact, the white outlined USB drive that's surrounded by an orange circle is actually our company mascot. You see it now? Two little white eyes, along with a smiling face. That's our mascot, and its name is Ubie. We can't imagine our brand without Ubie since it's given our company a foundation we never knew we needed until it's creation.

Looking back before Ubie's existence, we didn't have a definite brand at all. We knew we needed something in which people would immediately recognize us by besides our company name. It wasn't until we were ready to redesign our website a few years ago that we even considered a mascot. The group that was helping us with our website was continuously sending us different logos. After about three rounds of logos, we were starting to feel like we hit a dead end as nothing spoke to us like we were hoping. On the fourth attempt, we finally saw what we had been searching for. A simple yet relevant design that represents our company in a visual sense.

Once we had our icon, it was time to give it a name. As any new mascot owners, we had to spend some time with our logo before settling on a definite name. About two weeks after getting our logo, one of our awesome employees, Josh, came up with a name that fits a USB drive perfectly - Ubie. Since then this mascot has embraced our company by representing us in many forms, as well as giving us a new sense of creativity. While Ubie doesn't have a personality, it does like to dress up as a variety of characters. Some of these include Frankenstein, a ping-pong player, a bat, a gamer, and many more. If you are a repeat customer, you may have met one of Ubie's various personas in our Halloween boxes, which this year contained a bat and ghost version of Ubie in sticker form.

Ubie has been an excellent way for us to inspire our employees and connect with customers. We finally feel whole as a company with Ubie representing who we are. Look for Ubie in the future, who knows you might see it in sticker form one day knocking at your door!

About the author:
Jenna Salerno
Content Manager
As the Content Manager of UMD's marketing team, my main tasks are executing written content and running our social accounts. I have been writing for years and love it so much that I got a Bachelor's degree focused in it. While writing for a technology company is relatively new to me, each project has been a huge learning experience.