How to Promote Your Business Locally: 6 Ideas to Gain Visibility

6 Ideas to Promote Your Business Locally & Gain Visibility

We love working with so many cool small businesses here at USB Memory Direct. It's thrilling to see local businesses are innovating and creating their way into a new era of small-scale entrepreneurship, fueled by consumer demand for everything cool and local.

Small businesses also have more tools than ever available to promote their products and services. Get your creativity flowing with these six promotional ideas that can help your local business gain recognition in your community!

The Power of Promotion: 6 Ideas to Boost Your Small Business in the Community

  1. Start with a Google Business Profile.

A few decades ago, listing your business in the phone book was the first step to attracting customers. Now, it's a Google Business Profile. This free service is like a digital business card for your business, with all of your essential contact info, hours and more. (That said, a physical USB card is still a classy and impressive promotional tool, too!)

It's incredibly easy to add your business to Google - and it's free. From your profile, you can also add your business's address to Google Maps so that customers can easily find your storefront. Your business profile is also a community space where anyone can leave a review, so consider how you're going to respond to both positive and negative comments.

2. Put on an event.

Hosting an event at your business is an awesome way to make connections in your community and build awareness about what you have to offer. A grand opening event is an easy way to do it if your business is new, or you might throw a charity event for a cause you're passionate about.

Activities can include just about anything - games, music, hands-on demonstrations and prize drawings are all classics. Put together some "goodie bags" with take-home gifts for everybody. (Bulk flash drives with your logo are amazing for this.) These will keep your brand top of mind for your guests long after everyone's gone home!

3. Give your social media some personality.

We'll assume you already know that most businesses need some kind of social media presence. But you'll get a lot more bang for your buck if you give your social media page some unique flair. Jokes (even or maybe especially corny ones), "day in the life" posts, contests and how-to guides can all demonstrate your brand's relevance and value to the customers you want.

This technique is more important in some industries than others. It's typically more common for businesses like restaurants and retail stores. However, if you can become the one local appliance parts store with interesting social media posts, it could take you surprisingly far!

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Social Media with flair: show personality and engage Your Audience

4. Find and emphasize the aspects of your business that make it different.

One great part of local businesses is enjoying the unique character of each one, so try playing up that aspect in your branding. Even something like a distinctive name or an unusual looking building can be part of the appeal if you market it wisely! Think historically, too. Do you have a family-owned business that's been around for years? Is your business in a historic neighborhood?

Whatever you choose, incorporate it into your branding wherever it makes sense. USB Memory Direct's custom flash drives make it easy. After all, we offer fully custom fabrication from scratch, so let your marketing imagination run wild.

5. Offer promotional apparel or other merchandise.

Creating promotional merch for your business is a great way to connect and engage with your community. T-shirts and hats are always popular because they're fun and practical, but there are lots of options if you want something that really makes a splash!

Bottle openers, beach towels, stuffed animals, custom USB drives - there are so many ways to do it. Finding a way to sell your business merch online is also a smart idea, and many services are now available that can help you simplify shipping if you'd prefer to outsource it.

6. Partner up with other local businesses.

Working together is a must for businesses that want to become part of a strong local economy. Try approaching other local businesses for cross-promotion opportunities, like offering discounts for stores or restaurants near your own. If you have products that can cross-sell together, such as clothes and jewelry, you might even think about offering product bundles!

This is also an opportunity to use social media to your advantage. Following and interacting with other businesses' posts on social media is an effective and relatively low-effort way of making connections that benefit everyone. Find some businesses you love and talk to them about social media shout-outs that can help everybody get the exposure that small businesses thrive on.

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Partner with a local business - USB Memory Direct

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