A New Look For USBMemoryDirect.com

Today, we have taken our new site out of beta, and unleashed it upon the world wide web. The redesigned website is a product of countless hours of planning, coding and photography, and we can safely say that we are very proud of it. Returning visitors will notice a new streamlined design, high resolution photographs and lightning-fast load times, which were all made possible by the dedicated team who put the site together. Here's a closer look at the work that went into it all and the final result of their effort.

One of the monumental tasks that our team handled was reshooting various photos of our USB drives, packaging options and accessories. Work on this started in the beginning of 2011, as we had to collect a sample of each of our USB styles in each of the available colors. The pictures were shot in our new, state-of-the-art, in-house photo studio. Lighting and fixtures were bought and constructed specifically for our small scale photo shoots. We ended up with a huge stockpile of USB drives and thousands upon thousands of photographs, all of which were painstakingly reviewed and touched up. The results speak for themselves, our site hosts hundreds of our best photos in high resolution. Without a doubt, were are very pleased with the photography throughout our site, and we hope you enjoy it as well.

Equally important were the design and coding that went into the site. Our team worked through unforeseen problems and was still able to meet our deadline. Much thought and market research went into even the most mundane details. The site was optimized for speed as well as aesthetic appeal and it really shows when you browse the various pages. Sites and images load with blazing speed. As much work went into coding the database as the design and clearly the late nights countless meetings paid off in the end.

We hope you enjoy the new USB Memory Direct experience and share it with your co-workers and friends. We are wasting no time, and are already working on the next batch of improvements and features, which we will be rolling out as they become available. Check back often as we have lots of contests and giveaways planned, which you do not want to miss!

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