551 USB Flash Drives donated to Flash Drives for Freedom

551 Flash Drives are joining the fight thanks to you!

We wanted to thank everyone that contributed to our push to donate drives to Flash Drives for Freedom. After counting all the Tweets, Shares, and Instagram mentions we had 551 people reach out to us asking to donate a drive on their behalf.

It was a great start on a long road to help the people of North Korea see what we do in the rest of the world, however the fight is not over yet. We won't stop at just 551, we want to get to 1,000 then 10,000 and beyond. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep an eye out for the next event where you can help out.

Again thank you to everyone who participated in this event and remember you can continue to help by spreading the word to your friends and colleagues!

About the author:
Nicholas Moller
Vice President
I have a passion for video games and technology. Throughout the years I have transferred that passion into the business world, especially in the realm of workflow automation. No small business is without those who double duty and I fall into the realm of those who wear many hats. My all time favorite hats though are online marketing and software development, even more so if I have the opportunity to combine the two.