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Wholesale Flash Drives

As a manufacturer, we offer more than just bulk discounts on USB flash drives. We also bring an extraordinary level of product quality to the table. We provide a carefully curated selection of over 50 customizable flash drive styles, each tested to meet our rigorous quality standards. These high standards, unbeatable prices, and our commitment to service have been instrumental in both growing and retaining our customer base. Keeping those principles in mind, we intend to continue to lead the industry in providing the best wholesale flash drives available.

Top Selling Flash Drives

A collection of our most purchased styles, they combine excellent print areas and great cost effectiveness.

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USB Business Cards

With the largest print areas of any of our flash drives, Business Card USB drives are the clear winner to advertise your brand.

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Wooden USB Flash Drives

Wood flash drives are a great way to portray natural elegance and sophistication for your logo.

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USB-C Flash Drives

Lightning fast USB Type C custom flash drives? Yeah, we got those. Even dual Type C & Standard Type A 3.0 Drives!

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Leather USB Drives

The unique look and feel of our leather USB drives are perfect for anyone wanting to impress high profile clients.

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USB Wristbands

Whether you are a DJ handing out music, a 10k organizer, or a school our line of USB Wristbands are a great on the go solution.

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Executive USB Pens

Executive USB Pens merge the best of both worlds bringing traditional promotional products into the 21st century.

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