It is our goal at USBMemoryDirect to create the best custom USB drives at wholesale prices. Your custom flash drives will be the perfect marketing solution and we offer the best USB drives available. Meet your target using our custom flash drives for the right price. Be confident in our proven strength in delivering superior custom USB flash drives. Take a look at the different options available for custom printed USB drives:

We offer you many styles and colors of customized flash drives to choose from so you can find the perfect match for your imprint.

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Wooden USB Drives offer a natural alternative to the standard flash drive. Choices include maple, bamboo and many other finishes.

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An executive pen flash drive will give your logo an added chance of being noticed while being used.

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These capless USB drives are popular with students and executives on the go as they offer worry free data storage.

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Slider flash drives are a cool way to keep your data and display your logo. All of these drives slide open and closed.

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Ranging from slider to swivel, the compact flash drive is a great way to get full use with minimal size.

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