Compact USB Drives

On the go data storage just got smaller. Our Compact Promotional USB Flash Drives are significantly smaller than standard models. Although they contain the same amount of memory as any other Custom USB Flash Drive.
Paper Clip Style
Paper Clip Usb Drive Thumb
HL Style
Hl Usb Drives
MM2 Style
Mm2 Promotional Flash Sticks
MM1 Style
Mm1 Customized Thumb Drives
AE Style
Ae Custom Memory Sticks
Mini SWM Style
Mini-swm Custom Usb Sticks
Mini Slide Style
Mini-slide Custom Usb
KO Style
Ko Mini Custom Usb Sticks
Pull Style
Pull Gold
Push Style
Push Unique Flash Drives
Pluto Style
Pluto Flash Drives
Art Style
Art Promotinal Flash Drives

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