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Choosing the best print method for your logo is a crucial step in the design process of your custom flash drives. This decision will likely take into account the drives shell material, as well as the complexity of the logo. As industry leaders in providing branded flash drives at wholesale quantities, we make every effort to ensure your logo is tastefully replicated across all of your drives with great precision. Check out each of our print options below to get a better idea of which custom branding solution is right for your project.

Screen Printing

Our screen printing process provides a high level of precision and richness when printing your logo or information. By using small mesh screens and carefully mixed inks, we are able to accurately recreate the images you provide us. Screen Printing is usually ideal for logos and available for designs up to 4 colors.
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Digital Full-Color Printing

Digital printing allows us to expertly replicate even the most intricate details of your logo, design, or text. This service is most often utilized when a design includes multiple colors, very fine lines, or gradience. Our digital printing options are state of the art and bring a quality nearly indistinguishable from that of screen-printing.
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Heat Stamping

The heat stamping process, available for leather wrapped drives, involves creating a metal stamp of your design, heating the stamp, and pressing it into the leather encasement of the drive. This leaves your logo permanently embossed in the leather for a clean and professional finish.
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Laser Engraving

Industry Standard and very reliable. Our laser blasts the drive with a beam that repeatedly passes over the surface. This causes the material to burn away in a precise fashion that leaves you with a clean cut design.
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