Poop Emoji USB Flash Drive

Loading and dumping your data just got a whole lot smoother with the help of the poop emoji flash drive!

This emoji is the only pile of poop that has ever won over the hearts of people all over the world. Now the ever-popular poop emoji has come to USB life with more memory than ever. Our poop emoji custom flash drive packs all the fun this brown smiling bundle of joy brings to any conversation.

When a conversation starts going down the toilet, there’s nothing like a poop emoji to lighten the mood. Unlike other poop emoji products, ours is more than just a trinket. You can dump all your data on this poop emoji flash drive without a problem. Just don’t forget to wipe your data when the drive gets too messy.

✔ Color: Brown
✔ Material: Soft Touch Rubberized Silicon
✔ Capacities Available: 16GB 3.0, 32GB 3.0, 64GB 3.0
✔ Size Dimensions: 1 ⅞” x ¾” x 2”

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