February 1st, 2013

Tony Hoffer Photography

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Hoffer Photography picked out our SWM custom usb flash drives in a tantalizing lime green color. We particularly thought that the color choice brought out their usb drives in a very spirited, yet refined way. The Hoffers also went with a unique white bold font logo imprinted alongside barbed ripples running through the coloring. In addition, the modest white bold font fully highlighted their window display tin packaging with a thin darkened font subheading to complement it.

Amy and Tony Hoffer shoot professional wedding and portrait photos, along with just about anything else they can capture with their cameras. This married couple got into the photography business headfirst in Philadelphia. But with a little patience and the help of a lot of happy clients, their business grew into the success that it is today. Amy and Tony Hoffer love what they do and really put their hearts into every shoot. They know the value of a great image, and over the years they've worked hard to give that to each and every one of their customers. To them, photography isn't about the photographer. It's all about the client.

So that's why the Hoffers decided to rethink their delivery strategy. They had the professional shot quality, but they wanted a medium that was on par with the professional brand image they wanted to portray to their clients. Emails and CDs were either too simple or too mediocre for their tastes. And it wasn't long after that they heard about promotional flash drives. They fell in love with the idea of storing their digital media on such a customizable product that could really showcase their logo and brand identity. They were ecstatic about the results and even got some concrete positive feedback from their clients. Here's what one of their clients had to say about their change to flash drives:

This is very exciting. I never knew how excited I could be for USB over CD/DVD. Aaron will appreciate this as well, as his MacBook Pro doesn't have a CD or DVD drives.

The SWM customized flash drives the Hoffers chose feature an easy-to-use swivel clasp that highlights their logo with its metallic gloss while it protects the drive itself. The metallic swivel stays perfectly in place whether you're on the go or using it at the office. The great part about it is that you could also add an additional logo or contact information to the back of the swivel, optimizing your marketing message while staying one step ahead of the competition.

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