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Troll Face

The grin of a meme once passed. Forever the trolls, we are only just now selling this.

He's the leader of the internet gang - funny, smart and always has a cool attitude. Sound like someone you know? Welcome back the Trollface into your life - this time as your favorite go-to flash drive.

When the office life has got you down, let the Trollface custom shape flash drive be there to cheer you up. Always wearing that mischievous grin and prepared to take all the credit. Use him as a simple decoration on your desk, or better yet as a source of inspiration for your yet-to-be pranks! Be warned though, there's a reason he's called the "Prank King." Just when you thought you were in on it, you realize YOU'RE the one being pranked! It's happened to us before... Don't entirely fall for that smile.

✔ Color: Black and White
✔ Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
✔ Capacities Available: 16GB 3.0, 32GB 3.0, 64GB 3.0
✔ Size Dimensions: 1 ½” x ½” x 2”

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