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Grab Bag Collage

USB Grab Bag

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We know, it's hard to believe. But yes, it's totally free! Randomly filled with whatever drive we happen to have at hand, it'll feel like you're playing the "Flash Drive Lottery." And who knows, you could even score a sweet 128GB, USB 3.0 surprise.

LIMIT 1 Per Person! Please be nice and let us spread the USB drive love as far as we can. But by all means take the largest one we have available at the time.

Restock Every Friday at Noon EST

Whatever we build up over the week we will add on Friday at noon eastern time. Sometimes we will do a Freebie Friday where we throw in brand new drives every hour of that particular friday, so keep an eye out for that!

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Product Info

Every now and again we find ourselves with more-than-a-few flash drives lying around our office. How did they get there, and why do we have so many? We can't even answer that sometimes. Ok... maybe we can. Truth is, sometimes we make mistakes - we're human!

But whether it was due to misprints, printer misalignments, "whoopsie daisies," or just our own fooling around here in the lab, we couldn't simply see all these drives go to waste collecting dust. And so we came to the conclusion, why not give them all away?

So to make a long story short, here's our gift to you! Collect all the spoils (literally). Because you're the type that doesn't mind the color, shape or pedigree of a flash drive - just as long as it works and gets the job done. We'll just promise to do our best wiping off any branding or logos previously printed on them.

Now, with all that being said, we wish you the best of luck and may the gigs be with you.