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Live Customer Reviews: An Unedited Direct Feed

We love our customers and they love us. See some of our most recent customer reviews live and unedited. Or you can browse all our reviews on Trustpilot. We take customer service seriously and our customers sure let us know about it.

Excellent service, fast reply on quotes and proofs and reliable delivery !!!


Great Service and Great Prices!


Rennert International has remained loyal to USB Memory Direct despite pitches from competitors because of the excellent service we get from you. Your staff makes ordering a smooth experience. On the rare occasion when we find defective drives you honor your lifetime guarantee. You have earned our repeat business.


GREAT company to work with. Wonderful service. I've used them twice now and will use them again.


Prompt, Professional Service.

I've been buying custom printed flash drives for my company twice a year for the last 5 years. Most recently I needed my order rushed to me in just a few days time for an event and my usual supplier could not deliver with such short notice. on the other hand, was able to expedite my order and I had the drives a day ahead of time! The staff was polite and knowledgeable and helped me pick out a drive style I hadn't previously considered. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the level of service and attention to detail even with such a short production time. I will be ordering again in the future and have already recommended usbmemorydirect to my friends and associates.


Miami, US

The flash drives arrived by UPS two weeks ago, and I have to say that USBMemoryDirect really knows how to take care of a client. Their helpful staff helped us to get the exactly product we were looking for. We have become loyal customers and intend to refer them to anyone needing wholesale flash drives


USBMemoryDirect offered fast turnaround and a lifetime warranty, so what was there to worry about? My salesperson showed me so many different digital samples that I hadn't even considered. It turned out that the drive I originally wanted to order did not look that great with my logo. I explained what my company was all about and within 15 minutes I received 5 or 6 different samples to choose from. I had a great time seeing my logo on all different styles and colors of drives, so I knew by the time I placed my order I was very happy with my choice. SO COOL!


I really liked doing business with USB Memory Direct and will absolutely be referring my clients to use them for all of their promotional needs. These flash drives are so much easier than handing out pamphlets that they will most likely throw away.


I was a little worried about using a new company as we have set vendors for all of our promotional items, but when they could not get us the drives on time I found USBMemoryDirect. The turnaround was much quicker and the quality was like no other. I have been ordering these for years because they have become such a hit at all of the trade shows we attend. I guess our vendor has changed to USB Memory Direct!


We have used USB Memory Direct for the last two years. We have placed several orders in a variety of memory sizes, drive shape, and logo imprints. Our most recent order was very challenging as we had to make several changes before placing the final order. Our customer representative, Marina, was professional, patient, and very helpful through all stages of our ordering process. It is this kind of attention to detail and quality of product that keeps us coming back several times a year.


My boss asked me to order USB drives for our company to go "paperless". I smiled and nodded, but had no clue what a USB drive actually was. I am not computer saavy, so when I googled USB drives, I found USB memory direct. Instead of requesting a quote, I called to speak to a live person. Within 15 minutes, I placed my order and reported back to my boss with all of this knowledge on USB drives. We received them and the office loved them!! We are officially paperless now and enjoy saving all of our documents onto these cute little creations.


I just wanted to say that you guys really came through when I needed you! We had ordered drives direct from China (to save us some money), but when we got them, out of 100 drives, 70 of them did not work. To make a long story short it would have cost me more money to send them back and hope for new ones before my event, so I did some research and found USB Memory Direct! They got me my drives just in the nick of time and didn't have a problem with any of the drives I got from them. Thank you guys again!


I want to thank you and your design team for doing such a wonderful job. The drives are beautiful and they are just what we need for the Summer Reading program.


Thank you for everything! We've received them and they look great.


Thank you so much! The drives were great...looked great and were a huge hit at our annual meeting today. I put our Monthly Report on all of them and we went green and saved some trees and were very well received by our board and constituents!


I was a first time USB purchaser and can't wait to have an excuse to buy more. My partner and I were throwing a birthday for my 12 year old son and thought it would be a clever party gift. Boy was I right, Bradley went from geek to sheek overnight. I went on to tell everyone in my office about how great the representatives at USBMemory Direct are, if i had to guess its hands down service with a smile. They were patient, informed, zealous without the normal sales pitch antics. I had no problems with tracking numbers packaging etc. Everything was delivered on time not to mention my satisfaction with the product. The USB drives are sleek clever and innovative. Look forward to shopping here soon again.


Very good customer service. Works with you on price and delivery. Will use again.


I found Lana to be most helpful, courteous and ready to meet my every need. She was quick to send in art proof even with the changes I was asking for.


I have always had a great experience working with USBMemoryDirect for all my memory drive needs. The customer service is fantastic, with prompt responses to emails and orders and a always a pleasant attitude, either over the phone or by email.


On Friday, March 11th I was shopping around for USB flash drives online. I spoke to a gentleman from USB Memory direct by the name of Thayer. He quoted me a price per USB that seemed too pricey, so I decided to shop around. It must have been a few hours when Thayer called me back to follow up with me. I told him honestly I have received better price quotes and won't be purchasing with USB Memory Direct. Thayer stated that he could try to work out the pricing. So as he was checking with his management on the prices I was already in the process of designing and ordering from a company that was giving me a price of $5.70 per flash drive with the key rings, double sided print, and free shipping included. I needed to confirm the order by the time I left work so I was set on purchasing from this other company. Thayer then came back and offered me all the same "perks" as the other company for $5.65 per flash drive. Of course I went with the better value. I apologized to the other company and told them we were going in a different direction. I told Thayer we will go ahead with this order. I told him if I needed to secure the order with a credit card I would just send all the necessary forms that day. Thayer informed me that the design team was gone for the day and that we could finish on Monday. Thayer sent over the invoice with the price and products that we discussed. I even asked him if this price will change on Monday and he said no, we could finish the order then. Monday, March 14th, came around and I submitted all the paperwork as discussed. I also approved the design and thought we were good to go on with production. That's when I received a call from Thayer letting me know that because of the disaster in Japan, which effects the cost of the memory chips, price will be going up to $2.00 or per flash drive. Considering the events in Japan happened after we started talking, Thayer could have advised me to secure the order or at least mentioned that the price may not be guaranteed until an order was placed. This was not properly communicated to me and now this company expects me to pay an extra $400 (the order was for 200 flash drives). No consumer in their right mind would agree to this after they were promised a lower rate. I turned away two other companies who could have got the order placed that same day and I would have had the production start on Monday. So of course, I wanted to talk to Thayer's manager. He said his manager is in a meeting and she might not get back to me until the next day. I stressed the importance to Thayer because our order needed to be placed right away so we can receive our products for an event. Well I waited 24-hrs until I called Thayer back. I told him I didn't receive a call back and that I needed this problem resolved. Thayer then got his manager, Susan on the phone. This was Tuesday, March 15th at 5:03pm. When I finally spoke to Susan, the manager, I explained through everything that happened. She kept saying I understand BUT that's just how it is in the end. She was rude and didn't even try to understand. Susan even said that the prices went up again to $8.90 per flash drive and the only thing she could do is give me .40 off to reduce the price to $8.50. That is ridiculous considering the price was promised at $5.65 each flash drive. I was not about to accept that as any kind of a compromise coming from a company that is leading in the industry. If all this was properly explained, this all could have been avoided, which was not a fault of mine in any way, shape, or form. I asked Susan who is the manager above her is. She gave me the name Diana who is in the corporate office. She was gone for the day so I called Diana the next day on March the 16th in the morning. When she answered she said she was briefed a little on the situation. I explained the story in general and asked what is she able to do. Diana said she would have to research it a little more and get back to me. I did ask her to call me the same day because this has been going on for several days and needed this issue to be resolved now. Diana said no problem she will call me back. I did not receive a call from Diana that day. The next day, March 17th at 3:30pm, I called and left a message for Diana at extension 311. I still did not receive a call back from Diana. Needing to move forward with this order I decided to make some calls around to other companies to shop for prices. After the 3rd quote I got down to a price of $7.00 per flash drive. I could not believe that all Comtread, Inc, dba USB Memory Direct only offered me .40 off! After all that was promised and all the time and effort I put into this order, that was a red flag. I decided to call Diana one more time to get this resolved. I spoke to Diana March 18th around 11am. Although she apologized for not returning my call but she didn't seem very apologetic at all. She then stated that she couldn't do anything and that was it. I waited a week for her to at least compromise or come to some sort of resolution but I got nothing but a fake sorry. I even told Diana about finding a flash drive for $7.00 a piece. She couldn't even do that. I was disappointed in the level of service. I told Diana that she didn't even call me back in a timely manner to resolve the issue. This is when Diana stated; "My priority was putting in the orders for people who are paying for their orders." Having a Regional Manager state that any of the customers or prospect customers for their matter is not a "priority" is both unprofessional and disrespectful. Just because I didn't settle on just paying the higher price, I am no longer a priority to this company. I could not believe that I was speaking to a Regional Manager or even someone who works in customer service for this matter. Coming from years experience in customer service I know how service to consumers or guests should be treated. Diana, and even Susan did nothing but show disregard for me and my potential business. When I inquired who was above her, Diana said the CEO Alex. I asked for his full name in which she didn't even give correctly the first couple of times she pronounced. I am guessing this level of service comes down from Alex the CEO and founder of Comtread, Inc. I was told he is never in the office and is usually unreachable. It is apparent that his behaviors reflect his company. His staff is unprofessional, incompetent and not fit to be called managers. Although I plan on not using their services, for lack of confidence and trust, I feel the need to express my extreme disappointment. I feel that no other potential clients should have to go through the same predicament that I was put through. There are so many more companies that consumers could use besides Comtread, Inc and I am sure that after the many reviews I will be writing they will think twice about using this business.