February 6th, 2013

The Super Van

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We believe that graphic art is a very powerful way to express your market identity. In particular, unique graphic art can be effectively used to represent your company vision through promotional marketing. To provide you with some fresh perspective, we decided to showcase one of our latest graphic art projects.

The Super Van experimented with some avant-garde geometric patterns, eccentric color combinations, text manipulations and extraordinary abstract visuals that were used to clearly highlight her card twist custom USB flash drives in a very remarkable way.

The Super Van used a playful, intriguing logo font that works for her artistic designs without rigid alignment or symmetrically positioned elements. All of this attracts attention to the atypical look of the thumb drives and feature some really impressive craftsmanship that truly inspired us.

Vanessa Teodoro aka "The Super Van" is a professional graphic illustrator and urban street artist with a ton of experience in graphic design and the advertising world. Her unique character designs came from her everyday life influences such as graffiti, tattoos, cultural South African artwork and comic books.

Vanessa quickly established herself as one of Portugal's most promising young female artists in only three years, having worked with many high profile companies such as MTV, Canon, Lacoste, Vodafone, and Optimus. Overtime her artwork has adopted a wild spirit of its own, portraying strong female icons and witty colorful pieces with a ton of fine details.

The Super Van brand needed something special to allow Vanessa to promote herself while giving her the freedom she needed to present her graphic art in a flexible and genuine way. At USB Memory Direct, we not only gave her that freedom, but totally encouraged it!

Our card twist promotional USB drives feature a very durable design complete with our double-sided, edge-to-edge multi-color process printing technology. That means Vanessa had full liberty to add as much artwork as she could on both sides of our USB business cards with as much vivid, rich color as she needed.

Supported by our high-impact plastic encasing, these custom USB drives feature slim retractable flash drive plugs that will insure Vanessa receives the professional, high-performance marketing experience that her artwork demands and her clients deserve.

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