February 6th, 2013

Modkit Kickstarter Project

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It wasn't long ago that custom USB flash drives were first introduced into the market. In the past, company promotional campaigns only had basic mediums like poster boards, flyers, and pamphlets to help advertise their products and services. But times have changed and so have the concepts of what to expect with the future of marketing. This particular collaboration utilized one of our more innovative design options that have inspired dozens of our clients to improve their own future promotional creations.

Modkit Micro is a powerful visual interface that provides the most simplistic method possible to program open hardware microcontrollers like Arduino. Microcontrollers let you add behaviors to everyday objects and electronic gadgets, so that a stuffed teddy bear can respond to your hug, or a robotic bird can sing you a melody.

The Modkit development team quickly realized early in their marketing campaign that despite the advancements of digital technology, consumers still loved having a product they could physically hold and touch. But Modkit didn't want to settle for just plain CDs or DVDs to deliver their software. They needed something truly unique and modern to give to their customers that would also complement Modkit Micro for its ingenuity and versatility.

Custom shaped usb drives not only provided them with the perfect medium to deliver their product with, but also opened the door to creating a marketable brand image and company icon. We spoke with Collin from the Modkit team who had a really cool design in mind for a robot toy. The robot design really captured the tech world market they were trying to reach and was also ergonomically suitable for day-to-day use.

In the early days of the company, Modkit needed to have their product funded on Kickstarter to cover some of the manufacturing and delivery costs. As first they only promised backers an early copy of Modkit Micro and received a significant amount funding as a result of online marketing and social media. But the level of funding wasn't quite where they really wanted it be.

Modkit then decided to try giving their customized flash drives as promotional gifts for their backers alongside a copy of the software. What they received in return was an overwhelmingly positive response from the flash drives and even attracted quite a few new backers after the announcement. It wasn't very long before they decided to launch Modkit Micro exclusively on promotional USB drives to all of their future customers.

To make your own custom shaped USB drives, all you need to do is send us a rough sketch, professional blueprint, 3D rendering, or even just a brief worded description of what you'd like done. Our creative team will work with you on the design and transform it into something that will best serve the needs of your business.

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