February 4th, 2013

Mike DeSocio Photography

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Mike decided on one of our most popular branded flash drives, the SWM. Together we designed a simple yet bold color scheme that not only complimented his logo but emphasized it to his clients. The rubberized grip of the SWM flash drive was selected in a bright yellow color with Mike's name imprinted onto its metallic swivel with a bold, darkened, italicized font. Mike used a clear wrap packaging to bundle the USB drives along with a personalized thank you card. The gift is completed with a blue bow and the client's event title on custom paper tag.

Mike is currently going to school in central New Jersey where he's studying advanced photography, journalism, and design. He recently interned as a photographer at The Coast Star and worked as a staff reporter for the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve. After graduating Mike plans to become a photo journalist. But recently, he's been simply working towards building up his brand as a photographer, linking together his delivery with a custom gift package.

Most people nowadays share their media with family and friends through usb drives. But Mike stuck with the old CD method, writing sloppy titles with a Sharpie marker instead of a printed logo. But Mike adores designing and brand identity, so he knew he had to at least give us a call. Knowing Mike was a student with a really tight budget, we gave him a great deal that he couldn't have been happier with. This was a fantastic way to give his photography business a nice competitive edge together with creative packaging and customized thank you cards.

The SWM custom flash drives Mike picked is actually one of our most popular styles. Its rubberized body is available in a variety of custom colors to provide you with the perfect contrast to any logo, theme, or graphic design. Mike wanted something that could stand out to his clients and favored his brand so we decided on a beautiful, bright summer yellow. This particular model comes with a polished metallic swivel that easily swings out of the way for use and protects the flash drive when placed back in its default position.

The swivel also presented the perfect spot for Mike to imprint his business brand name. Together we decided on the perfect font, color, and size for his logo, and then finalized the product using our industry standard custom printing. Mike's brand name flowed beautifully with the rest of the USB drive and his packaging. With a small budget and a determined spirit, he was able to create his own professional marketing gift that will impress clients and attract new audiences.

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