September 26th, 2014

James Stokes Photography

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James decided on a natural, rural look to portray his brand. His design captures the perfect getaway, whether it's vacationing on the beach or enjoying time with friends and family in your own backyard. It's calm and inviting - the ideal experience to deliver a client.

He specifically requested our wooden flash drives because they complement logos that use thinner fonts, showing up with greater detail using our laser engraving option. The bamboo style wood also has a cleaner look to it, almost like the veneered Maple tables favored by the late Steve Jobs in his Apple Stores.

He completes his USB package with a mesh cloth baggie tied by traditional yarn string, along with a business card and a small cardboard cutout storage box. It has a sort of travel theme to it as well, like something Rudyard Kipling would have given to his business partners as gifts.

James is a professional photographer from Medford, Wisconsin. He travels across the US and abroad with his wife specializing in weddings, senior pictures, and lifestyle portraits. His small business is also his full time career and James enjoys the challenges and triumphs that it brings. He wanted to capture simple "true-to-life" moments of his clients. Moments that tells a story or brings joy to your heart.

Looking through his portfolio I noticed that sort of small town, timeless theme of everlasting family. It's like always remembering where you come from. Almost like nostalgia in a bottle. Whenever you try to connect with clients it's important that you take a step back and look at the theme and tone of your business. What's the mood? What colors does it represent?

James needed something that he could leave his mark on. Something that he could identify with and mold into whatever he wished. That's when James discovered our wide selection of wholesale USB drives. Each style of flash drive represents a different theme, tone, and look that can perfectly match any business. It's a personal statement. Something you can use to tell your own brand story.

In any business, delivery is everything. How does it look, what does it say, how does it say it? Take the time to create something that not only answers these questions for the experience of your clients, but for your own personal business development as well.

James Stokes Photography

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