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February 6th, 2013

ICEE Cup Project

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How would you like to have a beautiful, stimulating promotional tool that is captivating, memorable, and lets your creative juices flow, while also demonstrating a practical usability to your audience?

We live in a world run by technology, yet expressed through touch. Custom shaped flash drives bring together these physical and digital worlds like a painter brings art to an open canvas. These unique treasures are always kept, talked about, and usually photographed and shared with friends.

Here's one of our latest projects where we teamed up with Gremillion & Pou to create something truly special with custom shaped usb drives.

Gremillion & Pou is a full service advertising agency. Over the years, their firm has earned a reputation for sticking to what works. It's their job to understand the market trends and take full advantage of any new advertising strategies. So when one of their top clients, ICEE, requested fresh way to connect with their customers, G&P knew they needed something more personal, colorful, and fun.

When people think of ICEE, they immediately think of the cold, sweet taste of that colorful refreshment in its iconic red and blue cup. G&P didn't want to reinvent the wheel with their client. They wanted to capture the joy their customers have felt when they last had a delicious ICEE. As a bonus, for audiences that have never tried the iconic drink, its image would stay with them long after they first saw it.

Custom shaped flash drives provide a bridge for audiences so that they can feel this attachment to the product. It's a hands-on approach to technology that creates value, prestige, and most importantly, a positive outlook on the company. Here's what I mean.

Flash drives, custom or standard, are digital storage devices. With them you can transfer personal documents, photos, and other media from one computer to the next. You can also physically hold your digital belongings. It's an extremely valuable commodity in today's highly technological society and one that will rarely be unappreciated.

G&P understood this connection and decided to recreate the iconic look of an ICEE and combine it with our customizable flash drives. The outcome was quite extraordinary. The gummy plastic used has the rich, creamy texture of a chocolate bar. You just want to sink your teeth into it. The bright red and blue colors of the ICEE brand easily capture and hold audience's attention. This was an especially important design decision because colors play a crucial role on first impressions of products.

Though the bright colors of the ICEE logo grab your attention right away, it's still simple, and the use of black and white outlining keeps it from irritating the eye. On the contrary, it draws your attention into the important items such as the logo and its tagline. The raised logo and additional design elements also gives it a very organic feel that's just irresistible. Both ICEE and its customer base responded very well to the promotion as a result.

A good promotional item boils down to having two things: a great concept, and great execution. Custom shaped flash drives give you the freedom to be distinctive while also offering something practical. You can deliver your entire company message in the palm of your hand. Talk to us today about designing your own custom shaped flash drives as well as our promotional packaging options.

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