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Cryptex USB Drive

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The Cryptex USB drive was built with a mechanical locking sleeve made of solid brass. It was designed to be a securely locked flash drive, not just something you could unlock or damage by bashing it with a rock. We decided to go with a steampunk look for our first prototype. That unique mix of old vs. new came out nicely and really highlighted the idea of incorporating a traditional locking mechanism with a digital device. It was a novelty product, and like all great novelties we were going to heavily rely on popular demand to bring the Cryptex USB to life.

To our surprise, the original steampunk handmade version went completely viral. We not only got positive feedback for the project, but even had to put together a mailing list dedicated just to updates on the Cryptex. From there we went through the long, detailed process of designing the cryptex from the ground up, trying to make the design more mass-production friendly.

Although the enthusiasm and support from the community was encouraging, we eventually found the overall cost for the design and materials to be much higher than we originally thought. So we never mass produced or sold these, but we learned a lot from the experience and have since improved our process for creating unique flash drives. That's where you come in.

Do you have a great idea for custom shaped flash drives? Contact us today and let's talk about it. We'll break down the materials, costs, and time needed for your design, and we'll produce a couple of samples for you before going into mass production. As we learned through our experience with the Cryptex USB, no matter what your idea is, it's always worth giving your dream a try.