February 4th, 2013

Amanda McNeal Photography

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Amanda decided to have her custom USB business cards in a bare all white coloring to draw out her custom dark brown company name. The font is in a very legible, academic typeface that can complement nearly every corporate identity design and business website. The company name is divided by a lavender pink logo and underlining that is both practical and distinct.

Below she added her industry specialties in a simplistic rounded cursive typeface with a uniform stroke. Its unique design is clear enough to be easily read from the thumb drives at both high and low resolutions. Amanda also added her contact relevant contact information near the bottom of her USB business cards.

Amanda McNeal is a professional photographer who absolutely loves her career and believes that photography allows you to preserve some of the most precious, fleeting moments in life.

All we have in life are our memories and it is through powerful images that we can forever hold onto those memories.

- Amanda McNeal

Digital storage has swept the industry by storm in these past couple of years. Amanda usually gave out copies of her photos on CDs because they were cheap and easy to burn. But she soon began to notice that more and more of her clients would ask her to either email the images or put them on a USB drive for them because their laptops didn't even have optical CD/DVD drives anymore.

Burning her client's work onto CDs also caused many errors that ended up costing Amanda a lot of extra time and money. In addition, once her client's uploaded the photos onto their hard drives they were left with a useless, disposable piece of plastic. Amanda knew she needed to make a change, and realized it was time to make the switch to custom usb drives.

She really enjoyed our promotional flash drives because they provided her with a large print area to add all of her relevant marketing and contact information. They're slightly thicker than your average credit card and can fit conveniently into a wallet, purse, or pocket. Its USB dongle fits comfortably into its custom recessed slot, which gives it the look and feel of a business card and also keeps the USB hardware completely safe from typical, everyday wear and tear.

Amanda totally loved the results and continues to get compliments and positive reviews on her new personalized flash drives from clients.

Be sure to check out Amanada's website and Facebook page.

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