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3D Modeling Artist

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About USB Memory Direct:

USB Memory Direct has specialized in producing custom flash drives for over 10 years. Our clients are located all over the world, and include many Fortune 500 companies. We have created a lively startup culture in our office and value work just as much as fun.

The position:

We are seeking a 3d modeler who can assist us with creating vivid three dimensional models of custom product applications on a contract and case-by-case basis. Product applications will range widely in the materials used and complexity of the models, with some models using multiple parts and materials to achieve the designed effect. Manufacturing techniques will also range considerably based on the materials desired by the customer. These techniques will sometimes present design challenges that will need to be overcome either by presenting alternatives or designing around the manufacturing processes. Engineering staff will be able to assist with manufacturing obstacles and make suggestions on how to model the product.


  • Create 3D models from existing real world products, abstract concepts, or exact specifications.
  • Apply textures and lighting to models to create realistic models of products for customer approvals.


  • Strong knowledge of texturing especially with hard plastics, soft matte surfaces, and transluscent surfaces.
  • Strong knowledge of object lighting.
  • BONUS: Understanding of manufacturing constraints such as injection molding and experience designing around those constraints.

Required Skills

  • Experience working with 3d modeling software such as solid works, 3dsmax, or rhino.

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