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    Cryptex USB Drive Gallery

    News Feed:
    July 30, 2012
    Cryptex Flash Drive Supporters,

    It is with great regret that we are posting our final update. To our disappointment it does not seem we will be able to produce these cryptex USB drives, as we set out to do about 1 year ago. Though the enthusiasm and support of the community was encouraging, the logistics of this project proved to be more complicated than we anticipated and the overall cost was much higher than initially projected. We've exhausted all of our ideas to bring the cost of the flash drive down to a manageable price point but ultimately the quality and integrity of the product would suffer too greatly if we were to make all the necessary adjustments. We are therefore announcing the discontinuation of this project. We appreciate all the support and words of encouragement followers of this project have given us and hope you can find something equally cool to fill the cryptex shaped void inside you.

    Thank you.
    May 23rd, 2012
    So we have the prototype in hand and it is totally awesome! We added a gallery of images for your viewing pleasure. Now for a bit of bad news, we have been pitching our prototypes at a bunch of factories for mass production and all of them have denied to even quote us a price. We are going to make some changes to make the entire thing more simple to mass produce. As it stands now there is welding involved, CNCing, and stamping. If there are any engineers out there that would like to give their two cents email us at Rest assured we will get this done, it just might take some more time.
    May 17, 2012
    We received the first pictures from the CNC factory. The drives still look a little rough because they have not yet been polished. We had a few functional issues with the drives which are currently being fixed. We should have the drives in hand in about a week and a half all polished up. The specific issues dealt with the pin channel in the tube / rings, it was made too small or the pins too large. This was easily fixed. The other notable issue is the connection point of the four posts to the end cap, this was to be welded. The welding caused some deformation in the metal because of the intense heat and small size of the bars. The last small issue which is very difficult to fix and will not be fixed at this time is that the rings move very easily making it somewhat difficult to position them properly if you are rushing (say somebody is holding you up and demanding your dataZ like in the movies where the bank manager can't get the vault open).
    May 07, 2012
    We finalized the design drawings and have sent the files off to get CNCed should take a couple weeks to get back some pictures.
    February 08, 2012
    Hi again Reddit! It's been a while since we initially posted this idea. Since then we have encountered some legal issues, as well as a competing product, and over time interest has waned. Truthfully we became discouraged enough to allow the project to fall off of our radar. However in light of the recent scam accusations and delivery troubles that have befallen the competing cryptex and the renewed interested in our own steampunk cryptex drive we have decided to press forward with the product. We have already contacted our facility in china and we should have a working prototype within a couple weeks and stock enough to sell within a month yeah we're crazy. Making a product is apparently much more difficult than we thought.
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