Putzmeister 3d Usb Drive Render
September 1st, 2016

Putzmeister Custom Shape Flash Drives

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What do you do if the product you sell is too big to bring along to your trade shows? Shrink it, and while you're at it, turn it into a USB flash drive as well! That's what the global leader in concrete and material placing equipment Putzmeister Iberica, S.A. did.

Putzmeister Iberica S.A. is the headquarters of Putzmeister Underground Technology - responsible for the development and worldwide marketing of underground mining and tunneling equipment. For more than 30 years, they've developed concrete spraying equipment for underground mining and tunnelling, designed to increase productivity and operator safety. Their product line includes impressive machines like the: MINELIFT, MIXKRET, CEMKRET, BATCHKRET, and the WETKRET.

Industrial companies like Putzmeister, and many others, are often left at a disadvantage when it comes to exhibiting their products at conventions and trade shows, mostly because of the shier size of their machinery.

By creating a miniature model of one of their most popular products into a functional USB, Putzmeister made sure they would never run into that problem again - they chose to go with 3D custom shaped flash drives of their SPM 500 WETKRET machine.

So what is it about this drive that we love so much? Well for starters, if anyone were to find this laying on the floor and picked it up, they would know from whom it was, the name of the machine, and even have an idea of what the machine looks like. It communicates an unmistakable message to whoever receives one. And aside from just a company name and logo, it features a product that represents Putzmeister Underground Technology very well - a concrete spraying machine!

It doesn't just end there though, their message is taken much further; that's where the beauty of this being a USB flash drive comes in. When presenting very information-intense products, like large machinery to your prospective clients, you want them to be able take as much as they can with them. You can't inform everyone who stops by your booth about everything you and your products have to offer, but you can surely preload your custom flash drives with it all.

Putzmeister, even when they are able to exhibit their products at trade shows, use their custom shaped USB drives as tools to help inform potential clients of their products and services. With so much information being given out at expo events and with so many competitors, you don't want your business or your message to get lost in all the craziness.

Putzmeister's custom flash drives contain everything they want their clients to know about them: their name so you aren't confused as to whom it is from, the shape of their product (which you might have seen while attending the expo event), and the name of the their product so you know exactly what it's called. Plug it into your computer and there's everything you need to answer any questions you may have.

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