December 3rd, 2013

Al Gawlik Photography

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Let's discover what makes Amy's customized USB design so captivating and how you can apply it to your own promotional product creation at USB Memory Direct.

Amy chose one of our darker wooden USB flash drives complimented by our rounded wooden box packaging. When each passing day presents new trends in design and fashion, it's easy to get lost among it all. Luckily, there's something incredibly profound about a natural wooden look that transcends usability and simplicity, while preserving untouched elements of life, grace and beauty.

By laser engraving her logo and company name, Amy removed the flash drive's glossy refined finish revealing the vibrant sedimentary color tones of the natural wood it once covered. The resulting contrast is incredibly intricate and alluring. Amy is known for incorporating forests, beaches, natural lighting, and green fields into her work. Some might deem this too old fashioned for modern technology, if the results weren't so genuinely seamless and brilliant.

Take a look at how these custom flash drives fit so easily within their packaging. Among the natural earth color tones and the vintage book in the pictures, the complete package resembles a long lost treasure, untouched by time, holding onto to something truly special.

Photographer Amy Lynn, of AL Gawlik Photography, enjoys using existing architecture, natural lighting, and the surrounding environment to create visually masterful photos. She prides herself in shooting in an organically soft and earthy style that helps her subject truly shine through. As her business grew and technology became more and more complex, she knew it was time to add something that could join her two worlds together.

USB Memory Direct is amazing! I decided to change from DVD's for weddings to USB's and am excited to showcase the amazing work of this company. I worked with Lana Burton to create this gorgeous Mahogany case and USB with my logo.

- Amy Lynn

Businesses depend on having a strong presence in the eyes of their customers. As a result, customer interaction with products and services has become the focal point for creating positive user experiences. Amy pours her heart and soul into each and every shot. Why not present it in a way that is equally representative of her hard work?

The key is theme. At USB Memory Direct we work very hard to make sure that the entire presentation, not just the product, works for our customers. We want you to share an experience with your audiences and connect with them on a personal level through your promotional campaign. We prioritize on the functionality of the drives without eliminating grace and beauty.

Break away from the regular mold and let us help you create something that represents your company as an individual with a unique message.

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