April 2nd, 2013

Rachel Nething Photography

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Rachel picked her SWM custom flash drives in an elegant light pink color design with very close attention to detail on her custom packaging. Notice the excellent use of our edge to edge printing on the large display tins. Not to mention her USB brand logo is simply incredible too!

The client's own artwork was used to develop this stunning design. The bold use of color and elaborate graphics create and inviting atmosphere and work seamlessly to bring out her business brand and logo. The light color tones of her name are set off with bold pink accents against the outer layer of the customized USB flash drives and tins that really pulls the whole design together. Overall the layout is simple and clean, yet a unique work of art at the same time.

The primary goal of packaging is to attract your client's attention. Rachel's choice in packaging not only informs her clients about her company, but it also provokes feelings of joy and excitement while promoting her brand identity. Rachel used a personalized thank you note tucked away neatly in a light pink envelope that complements her brand. The note is accompanied by an additional business card and then wrapped in string decorated in a teal and white swirl.

Finally, she used a paperback cover elegantly coated with a light watermark logo and her unique vector art and signature designs. The finished package looks very attractive, and really impressed us with its overall creativity and versatility for the client.

Rachel Nething is a professional photographer who specializes in family, newborn, and maternity portrait work. She lives in Grasse, France with her husband and two children. Rachel has been passionate about photography nearly all her life. In high school she collected nice photos of perfume and jewelry advertisements, fascinated by how the lighting, angle and focus of the photos could literally transform a subject into something magical.

She went on to study marketing and communication and continued to grow her skills in graphic design, scrapbooking, and of course, photography. Eventually she was able to channel her creative spirit into starting her own professional photography business based in France. To her, photographs are a record, a witness, or a souvenir of your life. Her strategy was to try and freeze these moments in life through the naturalness of a grin, a kiss, and a smile.

Rachel's colorful, sweet, fun, cocooning spirit soon attracted the attention of dozens of new clients, including many high profile photo shoots as well. So when she decided to launch a new professional form of product delivery to her clients, she did not hesitate for a second to give us a call.

Rachel knew that the times were changing. We're living in the digital age where cloud storage, email, and flash memory reign supreme. CDs and DVDs just aren't fitting the bill anymore. In fact, most laptop manufacturers are now excluding optical drives from their newer computer models entirely! Custom USB flash drives are simple, economical, and effective in not only delivering your finished work to a client in a modern way, but also in promoting your company to new audiences as well.

As for the USB model itself, our SWM promotional flash drives incorporate a sleek, metallic cover that protects the solid plastic body of the product when not in use. It's fully rotational cover allows Rachel's clients to easily access their photos. She was completely ecstatic about the results and has since received many compliments on the versatility and appealing look of the USB drives. We couldn't be happier for you Rachel and we're really glad you've shared your project with us.

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