April 28th, 2014

Natalie Franke Photography

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Natalie chose our Tower style wooden flash drives in a dark, warm, earthy tone that brilliantly matches her logo and packaging materials. The navy blue colors carry along a rustic look that her customers simply love and adore. Throw in a personalized note, a cloth bag, along with her other custom packaging and you have the makings of a really fun, yet refined, brand image.

The ship anchor and Roman wreath logo required a lot of intricate detail to display properly. Our wooden drives were perfect for the task however, and the imprint here came out natural and seamless with the wooden drives. It's a perfect example how just a little minimalism goes a long way.

Professional photographer Natalie Franke spent over 6 years perfecting her brand image. She wanted to find the perfect gifts to make her clients feel the exclusivity and care that came with their decision to choose Natalie.

From the beautiful handcrafted note cards to the delicate yet intricate ribbon and twine, Natalie's brand image was really coming together perfectly. But it was still missing something.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your packaging is a tangible representation of your brand and it is often the final impression you leave with your clients.

- Natalie Franke

That's when she discovered our wide selection of custom usb drives. Each style of flash drive represents a different theme, tone, and look that can perfectly match any business, organization, or entrepreneur. After her clients received their high resolution image files, her custom USB drives offered them an additional copy of the image files, generally for archiving or to place in a fireproof safe.

Simply sending the image files felt impersonal or detached from the customer. Natalie really wanted them to feel her work through a tangible product that made them feel loved. USB Flash Drives offered the perfect bridge between the digital and physical markets. There's nothing better than opening up your real mailbox to see something beautiful inside. That's what customized flash drives are all about and that's what they did for Natalie.

Give your audience a real presentation brings your brand to life!

Check out all of our wooden usb drives available in a variety of color tones and imprinting options.

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